Bear K. – New Service Dog In-Training

Our newest Assistance Dog Training case is Bear K. It’s funny to have two Service Dogs -in-Training with the same names lol.

Bear K. is going through training to become a Service/Therapy Dog. Actually, Assistance Animals do serve the purpose of being therapeutic companions for their people, but to become certified as a Therapy Dog he will need to develop additional skills.

We have begun working on Attention/Response to his name, the Recall, Leave It, Take It, Go Place, Safe, Wait, and his Leash Skills. He’s doing well on everything except the Leave-It — go figure, a Beagle/Corgi Mix that has trouble leaving food alone lol. His person K. has already done a great deal of work with Bear K., so some of what we’re doing is just helping him to become fluent in behaviors he already knows.

Bear K. is already a world traveler, and is currently off on another trip. We will resume our training when he returns. Hmm, I think it’s time for us all to go shopping together to “work” with him. : D.

His person K., claims that he is always wiped out after our sessions. Check out the pix below and let me know what you think. hehe.


Elizabeth – Paw Pals

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