Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Brooks

Welcome and thank you for choosing Paw Pals Pet Dog Training. We believe in using and promoting dog-friendly training methods to help you form a bond with your dog that will develop into a rewarding, lifelong relationship.

We offer in-your-home consultations, private lessons, and group lessons. We specialize in working one-on-one with dogs and their families in the training process. We do this in an effort to obtain the quick results desired by so many families.

Paw Pals Pet Dog Training is owned by Elizabeth Brooks, BS, CDT. She is a graduate of Arizona Canine Academy, and is Certified as a Dog Obedience Instructor and Assistance Dog Trainer. She has a BS in Psychology and is working toward her Masters.

She believes you need to develop a bond with your dog through education. She believes in using Positive Reinforcement training methods to teach new behaviors. In this way, your dog will learn to demonstrate desired behaviors without the need for force. This enables you and your dog to enjoy a rewarding, lifelong relationship.

Elizabeth is a member of the American Psychological Association – Student Affiliate, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, American Humane Association, and Animals and Society Institute.

She has volunteered with 4-H groups, at animal shelters and veterinary clinics, and judged at Obedience Trials. Since 1998, she has offered classes through various venues including veterinary clinics, a state university, city recreation departments, and military installations. She has also been on Dateline NBC, and most recently on The BBB Eye in Colorado Springs. She has always taken advantage of opportunities to interact with and learn more about both animals and humans. She believes in continuing education and attends seminars and workshops as often as her schedule allows.